Our Hopes and Dreams

Brand Story

furkind was founded by three ethically minded animal lovers, Jan, Ross and Freddy who struggled to find 100% cruelty-free grooming and animal care products that really worked for their pets. They’d discovered that some brands that offer cruelty-free, plant-based products also stock products that don’t meet that criteria, which quickly became confusing. As a result, Jan, Ross and Freddy wanted to create products that were strictly plant-based, eco-friendly, kind, safe and highly effective on all fur, hair and skin conditions, leaving pets, soft, happy and healthy. They also wanted to enrich the lives of pets and people, tackling the social issues of loneliness and pet abandonment through online communities and real-world events, including adoption campaigns. 

Our Values


We’re compassionate
Through our products, events and actions we’re kind and respectful to all pets, people and partners. We only work with suppliers who share our values.


We’re community-minded
We take every opportunity to grow and support communities of pet and animal lovers, both online and in the real world.


We’re feisty and fun
We work our socks off but also have plenty of fun as we spread joy around the issue of pet ownership, grooming and ethical/conscientious consumerism


We’re honest
We act with integrity at all times. We commit to total transparency when it comes to our ingredients and customers’ charitable donations.


We’re tireless educators
We’re unambiguous and brave, bringing issues to light and educating everyone in a positive manner. We also build partnerships with like-minded professionals such as trainers, vets, animal psychologists, etc.


We deliver hope
We refuse to shy away from challenging issues relating to ethical pet grooming and pet welfare, but our communications are always positive, upbeat, even celebratory. Strictly no shaming. We present clear ambitions for caring for our pets, people and planet, give people defined ways of getting involved, and reflect back to them how they’re making a difference.


We lead change
We go beyond the product to create communities, delivering real world events, and doing everything in our power to make a positive difference to the lives of pets and people

Why cruelty-free, plant-based products ?

We make great-smelling, kind, effective and cruelty-free pet grooming products that happen to be plant-based.

Here’s why:


They respect all animals: Snuggle up with your heavenly-smelling pet knowing that no animals have been used in the testing or creation of your pet’s shampoos and conditioners.

Super power plants are effective but gentle: Plant-based products are kinder your pet’s skin

They help to protect the planet: Plant-based products are kinder to the environment so what gets washed away won’t have a negative impact elsewhere. 

They’re good for you: Stay safe from harmful, irritating chemicals while you wash your dog.

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